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Whangarei Bee Club

About NPH

Northland Pure Honey Ltd is wholly owned by Whangarei Bee Club Incorporated. Northland Pure Honey (NPH) owns and operates an EU accredited honey extraction plant in central Whangarei. Only Whangarei Bee Club members’ honey can be extracted through the plant.

Extraction charges are: 
$25.00+GST PER SUPER (1-100)   or  $20.00 +GST PER SUPER (100+)

When using the extraction plant you have the options of:

  • Retaining all your honey, in food grade buckets to take home
  • Selling your surplus honey to NPH at market rates
  • For larger amounts of honey, placing it in 200l drums ready for transport to your chosen destination

All extracted honey is tutin tested at a cost of $18 plus GST per extraction.

This price is kept low through being tested in composite batches. In the unlikely event of a positive result then there are additional lab costs in isolating which individual sample from a batch has tested positive. In this event the additional charges will be passed onto the owner of the tutin positive honey.

All honey extracted through the plant is eligible for export certification, at an additional cost, providing that it does not leave our handling area prior to sale. MPI charges for Export Certification are passed on, being charged per consignment.
NOTE IF YOUR HONEY IS TO BE SOLD FOR EXPORT, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED WITH MPI (Beekeeper List for Official Assurances) PRIOR TO EXTRACTION OF YOUR HONEY. The registration link is: http://www.mpi.govt.nz/exporting/food/honey-and-bee-products/   

A storage fee of $5/drum/ week is charged on 200l drums of honey that remain in our storage area more than two weeks after tutin test results are received.

To book a honey extraction, click here. If you are not a current Whangarei Bee Club Member you will need to download and return the membership application form along with payment prior to booking your extraction. No exceptions will be made to this rule.