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Whangarei Bee Club



1.1 The name of the society is WHANGAREI BEE CLUB INCORPORATED (“The Club”)


2.1 The registered office of the Club shall be 996 Wharehine Road RD3 Wellsford 0973 or such other place as may from time to time be determined by the Management Committee of the Club.


3.1 The purposes and objects of the Club shall be as follows:

  • To promote and foster hobby/amateur/non commercial beekeeping in Northland and to protect the rights of such beekeepers.
  • To provide a focus for hobby/amateur/non commercial beekeepers in Northland in respect of exchange of both practical and technical information and expertise relating to the keeping of bees and production of honey and to facilitate the passing on of practical knowledge by experience beekeepers to new beekeepers.
  • To promote a high standard of beekeeping practices in Northland by means of the provision and dissemination of educational and scientific information and practical courses on various facets of beekeeping and, in particular, provide new beekeepers with appropriate initial and ongoing training in beekeeping for the benefit of themselves, the beekeeping industry and the general public.
  • To maintain demonstration beehives for the purposes of practical education of club members in “best current” beekeeping techniques.
  • To promote amongst members of the Club and outside interests appropriate levels of knowledge in respect of bee diseases, both present and anticipated, and to train members in appropriate disease recognition and understanding and management/protection/prevention techniques.
  • To act as a managed channel for exchange/delivery of information between hobby/amateur beekeepers/non commercial, commercial beekeepers, local and other government departments or organisations.
  • To provide representation on behalf of Northland hobby/amateur beekeepers with central and local government departments and organisations, commercial beekeepers and their associations and other hobby/amateur/non commercial beekeeping clubs in all respects including, but not by way of limitation, discussions, negotiations and regulations and promotions affecting beekeeping/honey production and sale in New Zealand.


4.1 The powers of the Club shall be as follows:

    • To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, any property, easement, rights or privileges; and to improve and turn to account the same as may be desirable; and to sell, lease, exchange, bail, grant licences in respect of or otherwise deal with or dispose of the same.
    • To provide a centralised managed facility for honey extraction, and other appropriate communal facilities, for the benefit of members of the Club including, but without limitation, the provision of facilities for the production, sale and distribution to members of beekeeping equipment.
    • To collect, or borrow, or raise, or secure the payment of money for the purposes of the Club in such amounts and on such terms as the Club may think fit and in particular by the issue of mortgages, charges or any other securities charged upon all or any of the real or personal property of the Club and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities.
    • To enter into, do and perform all contracts, acts, matters and things in any way connected with the objects of the Club.
    • To invest monies of the Club.
    • To undertake and execute any trusts consistent with the objects of the Club
    • To make grants-in-aid to any person or organisation for purposes likely to further the interests of the beekeeping industry.
    • To do all such other things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the foregoing objects or the exercise of any of the foregoing powers.


5.1 Any income, benefit or advantage must be used to advance the objects of the Club.

5.2 No private pecuniary profit shall be made by any person from the Club, except that:

      • Any member may receive full reimbursement of all expenses properly incurred by that member in connection with the affairs of the Club;
      • The Club may pay reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or servant of the Club (whether a member or not) in return for services actually rendered to the Club;
      • Any member may be paid all usual professional, business charges for any services rendered, time expended and all acts done by that member or by any firm or entity of which that member is a member, employee or associate in connection with the affairs of the Club;
      • Any member may retain any remuneration properly payable to that member by any company or undertaking with which the Club may be in any way concerned or involved for which that member has acted in any capacity whatever, notwithstanding that member’s connection with that company or undertaking is in any way attributable to that member’s connection with the Club.

5.3 No member or person associated with a member of the Club shall derive any income benefit or advantage from the Club where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage except where that income, benefit or advantage is derived from

      • professional services to the Club rendered in the course of business, charged at no greater than current market rates, or
      • Interest on money lent at no greater rate than current market rates
      • UNLESS otherwise first approved in writing by all the members of the Committee.

5.4 No member of the Club, or anyone associated with a member, is allowed to take part in, or influence any decision made by the Club in respect of payments to, or on behalf of, the member or associated person any income, benefit or advantage.



6.1 The Officers of the Club shall consist of a President, one Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Honorary Solicitor and Honorary Auditor.

6.2 All Officers of the Club other than the Honorary Auditor and Honorary Solicitor shall be members of the Club.


7.1 The Club shall have a management committee (“the Committee”) of not less than 6 persons comprising of the following persons:

      • The President
      • The Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • And at least two (2) other members of the Club (see clause 8.2 hereof).
      • The immediate Past President shall be a member of the Committee ex officio.

7.2 The Committee has the power to add to their number.


8.1 No person shall be eligible to be appointed as an officer of the Club or as a member of the Management Committee of the Club until he has been a fully paid up member of the Club for a period of not less than three (3) years from the date of incorporation of the Club under the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 or the date upon which that person first became a member of the Club prior to its incorporation as aforesaid, whichever shall be the earlier.

8.2 The President, one Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Honorary Solicitor and Honorary Auditor shall be elected annually by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. There shall be no impediment to a person being elected contemporaneously to more than one office.

8.3 Should an office become vacant within six months after the date of the holding of the Annual General Meeting, such vacancy shall be filled at the next ensuing general meeting of the Club.

8.4 Should such a vacancy occur after the period of six months the Committee shall fill the vacancy.

8.5 Any officer bearer (other than the Honorary Auditor and Honorary Solicitor) ceasing to be a member of the Club, shall, ipso facto, cease to be an office bearer.

8.6 The Committee may from time to time and at its discretion appoint:

      • Such officers as it shall think fit to carry out such duties as the Committee may determine, and such officers shall hold office and be removable from office at the pleasure of the Committee. Such officers may be paid such remuneration (if any) as the Committee may from time to time think fit but subject to the restrictions imposed in Rule 5.
      • Sub-Committees of one or more persons to carry out any particular duties assigned to them, and such sub-committee shall cease to act when the particular duty for which it has been appointed has been fulfilled. The Committee shall have power to terminate the operations of such sub committee at any time if it deems it appropriate to do so.


9.1 Persons cease to be Committee Members when:

      • They resign by giving written notice to the Committee
      • They are removed by majority vote of the Club at a general meeting of the Club.
      • Their term expires

9.2 If a person ceases to be a Committee Member, that person must within one (1) month give to the Committee all Club documentation and other property in his or her possession.


10.1 Nominations for members of the Committee for election at the Annual General Meeting shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least twenty one (21) days prior to the date of such meeting.

10.2 All nominations received in accordance with the foregoing provisions shall be read by the Secretary to the meeting of the Committee (if any) held after the closing of nominations and before the Annual General Meeting at the commencement of the business of the election of the officers and committee.

10.3 If insufficient nominations in accordance with the foregoing provisions are received to fill any office or offices those whose nominations are in order shall be declared elected, and the vacancies remaining shall be filled by the nominees of the elected members of the Committee.

10.4 If a Committee member is absent from three consecutive meetings without leave of absence the President may declare that person’s position vacant.


11.1 Subject to the rules of the Club (“The Rules”), the role of the Committee is to:

      • Administer, manage and control the Club;
      • Carry out the purposes of the Club, and use money or other assets to do that.
      • Manage the Clubs banks accounts;
      • Ensure all Members follow the rules;
      • Decide the times and dates for meetings and set agenda for meetings.
      • Decide the procedure for dealing with complaints
      • Make regulations
      • Distribute to members a monthly newsletter, which shall include (inter alia) an Income & Expenditure account showing the movements in the Club’s account during the previous month.


12.1 The Presidents role is to:

        • Ensure that the rules are followed;
        • Convene meetings,
        • Chair meetings, deciding who may speak when;
        • Oversee the operation of the Club
        • Give a report on the operation of the Club at each Annual General Meeting;
        • Advise the Registrar of Incorporated Societies of any change of Rules or alterations to the Rules;

12.2 The Secretary’s role is to:

        • Record the minutes of Meetings;
        • Give effect to all resolutions passed at such Meetings;
        • Keep a Register of Members;
        • Hold the Clubs records, documents, and books;
        • In case of inability to attend any meeting, to cause the necessary books and papers to be conveyed to the place of the Meeting;
        • Receive and reply to correspondence as required by the Committee;

12.3 The Treasurer’s role is to:

        • Collect and receive all payments made to the Club and issue receipts therefor. These payments must be banked within seven (7) days after the Treasurer receives them;
        • To pay all accounts contracted by the Club when passed for payment by any three (3) members of the Committee.
        • Keep a true and accurate record in the Club’s account book, so that the Club’s financial situation can be clearly understood at any point in time;
        • Give a financial report and statement of accounts (including an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet) at each Annual General Meeting and more often if either the Committee or a majority of the Club decides this in a Meeting.
        • To have custody of all funds of the Club.
        • Provide monthly a written analysis of income and expenditure of the Club during the preceding month in such form as may from time to time be specified by the Club’s Auditor, together with such other information in respect thereof as may be requested by the Club’s Auditor.

12.4 The Committee may from time to time authorise the Treasurer and Secretary to operate a petty cash account determined by the Committee at the time of authorisation.

12.5 The President and the Secretary shall be ex officio member of all sub committees with power to convene meetings of the same.


        • The Committee shall have the management of the general affairs of the Club, including the expulsion of members but excluding the making and altering of the Rules.
        • All monies received by the Club, unless otherwise specified by the donor in the case of donations, shall be under the control and direction of the Committee and shall be applied as it shall direct but subject to the restrictions imposed by Rule 5
        • The bank account or accounts of the Club shall be kept at such savings bank and / or trading bank as the Committee shall from time to time direct.



13.1 Any person may be admitted as a member of the Club PROVIDED HOWEVER that the Club may by resolution passed at a general meeting of the Club elect from time to time to limit the overall number of members of the Club from time to time.

13.2 There shall be three (3) separate classes of membership of the Club, namely:

        • Provisional Members
        • Full Members
        • Honorary Life Members

Any person (other than a person to whom Clause 13.3 (a) or Clause 14.3(c) applies) accepted or elected as a member of the Club shall be deemed to be a Provisional Member of the Club for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date upon which such person’s application for provisional membership of the Club has been approved by not less than two (2) Committee members (“the qualifying period”).

13.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 13.2 hereof, the Committee:-

        • shall have an absolute discretion by unanimous resolution to waive the aforesaid qualifying period and admit an applicant for membership to the Club as a Full Member immediately;
        • may, upon expiration of the qualifying period, approve or disapprove the Provisional Member’s application to become of a Full Member of the Club. If the Committee shall by simple majority disapprove of such progression, then the Provisional Member’s membership of the Club shall be terminated, but subject to the procedure set out in Clause 16.3 of these Rules.


14.1 To become a Provisional Member of the Club, a candidate for such membership shall complete the appropriate application form from time to time approved by the Committee and submit such completed form to the Club Secretary for consideration, together with such application fee and annual subscription (or an appropriate proportional part thereof) as may from time to time be approved by the Committee. The application fee shall be non-refundable whether or not the application is approved. If the application is not approved the annual subscription (or the proportional part thereof as the case may be) shall be refunded to the applicant.

14.2 The completed application as received by the Club Secretary shall be voted upon by not less than two (2) members of the Committee within seven (7) days of receipt thereof. If approved, then such Committee members shall appoint two (2) Full Members of the Club as mentors to the Provisional Member in terms of the objects and activities of the Club and as a liaison between the Provisional Member and the Committee and or club during the qualifying period. Upon expiry of the qualifying period the Provisional Member may apply to the Committee to become a Full Member of the Club. Any application for full membership, in the appropriate form, received by the Club Secretary, together with the payment in full of the requisite joining fee and annual subscription for the forthcoming year (or the appropriate proportional part thereof), shall be voted upon by the Committee within one (1) calendar month of receipt.


        • Approval of not less than two (2) members of the Committee shall suffice for the admission of a Provisional Member. A bare majority of the Committee shall suffice for the acceptance of a provisional member as a Full Member of the Club.
        • A unanimous decision of the Committee shall be required for the immediate admission of a Full Member pursuant to Clause 13.3(a) of these Rules.
        • A person who has shown outstanding interest in, or provided outstanding services to, or who is willing to provide valuable services to the Club, may be elected as an Honorary Life Member of the Club on the unanimous vote of Full Members present at any general meeting of the Club.

14.4 No person who has been struck off the membership roll for non-payment of subscription fees or dues shall be eligible for re-admission until such subscription fees or dues have been met to the satisfaction of the Committee.

14.5 In the event of an application for membership being deferred or declined it shall not be obligatory for the Committee to state a reason for deferring or declining such application.

14.6 The Committee shall be empowered to grant conditional full membership on conditions which in the absolute discretion of the Committee it considers appropriate. Such conditional approval shall not be the subject of an appeal under rule 16.3 hereof.


        • A Provisional Member shall be accorded all the rights and privileges of full membership, but shall have no voting rights at any meeting of the Club and may not sit a DECA course or AFB Recognition course, through the Club.
        • A Full Member shall be accorded all the rights and privileges of membership of the Club.
        • An Honorary Life Member shall be accorded all the rights and privileges of the Club including the right to vote, and be eligible for office and shall not be required to pay a joining fee or an annual subscription.


15.1 The Secretary shall keep a Register of Members (“the Register”), which shall contain the names, address and telephone numbers and email contacts of all Members, including the date that they became a member and their current status as a Provisional Member or a Full Member or a Honorary Life Member of the Club.

15.2 If a Member’s telephone number, address or email contact changes, that Member shall give the new address or telephone number or email contact to the Secretary.

15.3 Each Member shall provide such other details as the Committee requires.


16.1 Any Member may resign by giving written notice to the Secretary.

16.2 Any Member ceasing for any reason to be a Member of the Club shall have his or her name struck off the Register of Members, and the reason thereof shall be entered in the Registered and signed by the Secretary.

16.3 A Member may have his or her Membership terminated in the following way:

        • If for any reason whatsoever, the Committee is of the view that a Member is breaching the Rules or acting in a manner inconsistent with the Purposes and Objects of the Club, or otherwise acting in a manner which creates, or is likely to create, disharmony within the Club, the Committee may give written notice of this to the Member (“The Committee’s Notice”).
        • The Committees Notice must:
          • Explain how the Member is breaching the Rules or acting in a manner inconsistent with the purposes of the Club;
          • State what the Member must do in order to remedy that situation; or state that the Member must write to the Committee giving reasons why the Committee should not terminate the Member’s Membership.
          • State that if, within fourteen (14) days of the Member receiving the Committee’s Notice, the Committee is not satisfied, the Committee may in its absolute discretion immediately terminate the Member’s Membership.
          • State that if the Committee terminated the Member’s Membership, the Member may appeal to the Club.
        • Fourteen (14) days after delivery to the Member of the Committee’s Notice, the Committee may in its absolute discretion by majority vote terminate the Member’s Membership by giving the Member written notice (“Termination Notice”), which takes immediate effect. The Termination Notice must state that the Member may appeal to the Club at the next Meeting by giving written notice to the Secretary (“Member’s Notice”) within fourteen (14) days of the Member’s receipt of the Termination Notice.
        • If the Member gives the Member’s Notice to the Secretary, the Member will have the right to be fairly heard at the next Club Meeting. If the Member chooses, the Member may provide the Secretary with a written explanation of events as the Member sees them (“the Members Explanation”) and the Member may require the Secretary to communicate the Member’s Explanation to every other Member within seven (7) days of the Secretary receiving the Member’s Explanation. If the Member is not satisfied that the other Members of the Club have had sufficient time to consider the Member’s Explanation, the Member may defer his or her right to be heard until the following Club Meeting.
        • When the Member is heard at a Club Meeting, the Club may question the Member and the Committee Members.
        • The Club shall then by majority vote decide whether to let the termination stand or whether to reinstate the Member. The Clubs decision will be final.


17.1 Any former Member who has resigned may apply for re-admission in the same way as a new applicant, but if the former Member’s Membership was terminated by the Committee or the Club, the Applicant shall not be readmitted without the approval of the Committee by majority vote.


18.1 All Members and Committee Members shall promote the purposes of the Club and shall do nothing to bring the Club into disrepute.



19.1 The Club may only use money and other assets if:

          • It is for the purpose of the Club
          • It is not for the sole personal or individual benefit of any Member; and
          • That use has been approved by either the Committee or by the majority of the members of the Club.


20.1 The Club shall decide by majority vote at a general meeting of the Club:

          • What a Member must pay to join the Club as a Provisional Member (“Application Fee”)
          • What a Member must pay to become a Full Member of the Club in order to become a Full Member, (“Joining fee”)
          • What a Member of the Club must pay as an annual subscription from time to time, and how often it must be paid, (“the Annual Subscription”).

20.2 If any Member does not pay the Annual Subscription by the date set by the Committee, the member shall (without being released from the obligation of payment) not be entitled to use the Club privileges or property, and, being a Full Member, shall not be entitled to vote at any meetings, nor be eligible for office until the Subscription is paid.

20.3 Any Member who is three (3) months in arrears with his or her Annual Subscription shall thereupon automatically cease to be a member of the Club and his or her name shall be removed from the Register of Members.


21.1 The Club may:

          • Employ people for the purposes of the Club;
          • Exercise any power a trustee might exercise;
          • Invest in any investment that a trustee might invest in;
          • Borrow money and provide security for that if authorised by majority vote at any Club Meeting.


22.1 The financial year of the Club begins on the 1st January in each year and ends on the 31st December of the same year.


23.1 The Club may open and operate such current and/or deposit accounts with any major trading bank operating in New Zealand from time to time as the Committee may from time to time consider appropriate or convenient. Transactions through any such account may be by cheque or electronic.

23.2 Any proposed order for the supply of goods or services to the Club shall, before being passed to the supplier, be first submitted to the Committee, together with details as to the cost arising out of such orders, for approval by the Committee. The Treasurer shall be empowered to pay, either by cheque or electronic transfer, as he or she shall think fit or expedient, the supplier’s invoice in respect of such approved order or orders, immediately upon receipt of the supplier’s invoice, or at such later time as the Treasurer shall, in his or her absolute discretion, think fit.


24.1 The Committee shall have authority to invest the funds of the Club, may borrow money on the Club’s behalf, may mortgage all or any of the assets of the Club and may exercise all the corporate powers of the Club save such as are required by Statue or by these Rules to be exercised by a General Meeting of Members.

24.2 No land owned by the Club shall be sold or leased for more than fourteen days at a time save with the prior consent of the Club at a Special General Meeting.


25.1 At the Annual General Meeting, the Club may by majority vote appoint someone to audit the Club’s accounts (“The Honorary Auditor”). The Honorary Auditor shall audit the Club’s account, and shall certify that they are correct. The Honorary Auditor may be a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants or some other person who is, in the absolute discretion of the Committee, suitably qualified, and is recommended by the Committee for election. Such person may be a Member of the Club. If the Honorary Auditor so appointed shall be a member of the Club, then he or she shall not hold any other office in the Club during the term of his or her appointment as Honorary Auditor. If the Club appoints an Honorary Auditor who is unable to act for some reason, the Committee shall appoint another Honorary Auditor as a replacement.

25.2 The Club’s books shall be audited immediately on the closing of the financial year and the Committee shall be empowered to arrange for a special audit at any time should it be deemed necessary.



26.1 A Club Meeting is either an Annual General Meeting, an Ordinary General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.

26.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the Audit of accounts for the year ending the 31st December in each year, but no later than the first Saturday in May of each year.

26.3 Ordinary General Meeting shall be held as the Committee directs

26.4 Members will meet at the club-rooms or such other venue as the Committee shall direct on the first Saturday in each month, except January, and/or at such other times and places and for such purposes as the Committee may from time to time designate. In order to not detract from the social atmosphere, formal proceedings at all such meetings other than the Annual General Meeting shall be kept short as possible and adjourned on the motion of any Member.

26.5 A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by order of the Committee or by requisition signed by at least fifteen (15) Members. Such a requisition is to state the object for which the Meeting is called and the notice to Members for such a Meeting shall be shall not less than fourteen (14) and not more than twenty one (21) days.

26.6 The Secretary shall give all Members at least fourteen (14) days written notice of:

          • The business to be conducted at any Club Meeting;
          • A copy of the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, if the Club Meeting is an Annual General Meeting;
          • A list of nominees for the Committee and information about those Nominees if it has been provided. (The Secretary must not provide Members with information exceeding one side of an A4 sheet of paper per Nominee).
          • Notice of any motions and the Committee’s recommendations about those motions. If the Secretary has sent notice to all Members in good faith, the Meeting and its business will not be invalidation simply because one or more of the Members do not receive the notice.

26.7 The quorum for an Ordinary General Meeting, Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall be twenty (20) paid up Full Members of the Club. If within half an hour from the time appointed for any Meeting the quorum is not present it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place, and if at such adjourned Meeting a quorum is not present, those Full Members who are present shall form a quorum and may transact the business for which the Meeting was called.

26.8 All Members may attend Club Meetings. Only Full Members and Honorary Life Members are entitled to vote at Club meetings and each shall have one vote. No proxies allowed.

26.9 All Club Meetings shall be chaired by the President and in his or her absence the Vice-President, and in the absence of both it shall be obligatory on the Full Member who may be elected thereto by a majority of the Full Members present to take the chair.

26.10 On any given motion at a Club Meeting, the President shall in good faith determine whether vote by:

          • Voices;
          • Show of Hands;
          • Secret Ballot

However, if any Full Member demands a secret ballot before a vote by voices or show of hands has begun, voting must be by secret ballot. If a secret ballot is held, the President shall have the casting vote.

26.11 The business of an Annual General Meeting shall be:

          • Any minutes of the previous Meeting(s);
          • The President’s report on the business of the Club;
          • The Treasurer’s report on the finances of the Club, and the Statement of Accounts;
          • The Auditor’s report;
          • Election of Committee Members;
          • Motions to be considered;
          • General business; and
          • Approval of plans for the balance of the current and next year calendar years.


27.1 Any Full Member may request that a motion be voted on (“Member’s Motion”) at a particular Club Meeting, by giving written notice to the Secretary at least twenty one (21) days before that Meeting. The Member may also provide information to support that motion (“Member’s Information”). The Committee may in its absolute discretion decide whether or not the Club will vote on the motion. However, if the Member’s Motion is signed by at least a twenty (20) Full Members of the Club:

          • It must be voted on at the Club Meeting by Full Members of the Club; and
          • The secretary must give the Member’s Information to all Members at least fourteen (14) days before the Club Meeting chosen by the Member;
          • AND if the Secretary fails to do this, the Member has the right to raise the motion at the next following Club Meeting

27.2 The Committee may also decide to put forward motions for the Club to vote on (“Committee Motions”).


28.1 No Committee Meeting may be held unless more than five (5) of the Committee Members attend.

28.2 Meetings of the Committee and sub-committees shall be held at such times and place as the particular committee shall determine.

28.3 A Special Meeting of the Committee may be called at any time by the President or the Secretary, and a Special Meeting of the Committee shall be called by the Secretary on a requisition signed by at least five (5) Members of the Committee, such a requisition must state the object of the Meeting.

28.4 The President shall chair Committee Meetings, or if the President is absent, the Vice- President shall chair the Meeting. If the Vice-President is also absent, the Committee shall elect a Committee Member to chair that Meeting.

28.5 Decisions of the Committee shall be by majority vote

28.6 The President or the person chairing the Meeting has a casting vote.

28.7 Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this clause, a resolution in writing signed by all the members of the Committee, shall be as valid as if it had been passed at a meeting of the Committee.

28.8 Subject to these Rules, the Committee may regulate its own practices.



29.1 The Club shall have a Common Seal.

29.2 To be binding on the Club, any document shall be first approved by the Committee, and thereafter executed under the common seal of the Club in the presence of not less than two (2) Committee Members, of whom one shall be the President of the Club.


30.1 Any notice or other communication required to be given to any member under these Rules may be sent by ordinary mail to the last address for correspondence, or by email to the last email address, for the member, as notified from time to time to the Club Secretary by such member, as the Club Secretary shall think fit.



31.1 The Club may alter or replace these Rules at an Annual or Special General Meeting by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those Members present and voting.

31.2 Written notice of the proposed alteration or revision shall be given to the Members at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Meeting, along with the reasons for the proposed alteration or revision and any recommendations the Committee has.

31.3 When a Rule change is approved by a General Meeting the Managing Committee shall cause to be filed with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies advice of the Rule changes in the required form. No Rule change shall take effect until this is done.



32.1 If the Club is wound up:

  • The Club’s debts, costs and liabilities shall be paid;
  • Surplus money and other assets of the Club may be disposed of:
    • By resolution; or
    • According to the provisions in the Incorporated Societies Act 1908; but
  • No Distribution may be made to any Member
  • Any surplus money and other assets shall be distributed equally between such other Bee Clubs as are then operating in New Zealand for the primary benefit of amateur/hobby beekeepers, for the general purposes of such clubs.